Prices are effective as of January 1, 2023

The goods and services shown below are those we can provide to our customers. You may choose only the items you desire. However, any funeral arrangements you select will include a charge for our basic services and overhead. If legal or other requirements mean you must buy any items you did not specifically ask for, we will explain the reason in writing on the statement we provide describing the funeral goods and services you selected.  This list does not include prices for certain items you may ask us to buy for you, such as cemetery or crematory services and newspaper notices. The prices for those items will be shown on your bill or the statement describing the funeral goods and services you selected.

Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff: $1700.00

Our charge includes funeral counseling, necessary arrangements, recording vital statistics, securing permits, filing and obtaining death certificates and other forms and claims, preparation of necessary notices, and coordination of service plans with parties involved in the final disposition of the deceased (e.g. clergy, cemetery).  This fee for our basic services will be added to the total cost of the funeral arrangements you select (This fee is already included in our charges for direct cremations, immediate burials, and forwarding or receiving remains).

Embalming: $450.00

Except in certain cases, embalming is not required by law. Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select a certain funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with a viewing. If you do not want embalming, you usually have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it, such as direct cremation or immediate burial.

Other Preparations of the Body: $200.00

1. Autopsied cases - Possible Additional $300.00
2. Lifebank cases - Possible Additional $300.00
3. Hairdresser - Additional $40.00 (these are maximum additions)

Use of Facilities, Staff, and Equipment
1. Funeral ceremony (conducted at funeral home): $450.00
2. Visitation/Viewing (conducted at funeral home): $450.00
3. Memorial Service (conducted at funeral home): $450.00
4. Visitation/Service (same day): $700

Use Staff and Equipment
1. Funeral ceremony (conducted at another facility): $450.00
2. Visitation/Viewing (conducted at another facility): $450.00
3. Memorial Service (conducted at another facility): $200.00
4. Graveside Service (if only service): $300.00
5. GREEN  BURIAL  SERVICE (Formaldehyde based embalming is prohibited). $1900.00
     PLUS  Any Transportaton from place of Death & to place of interment
6  Sheltering remains $100/daily after 72 hours without final disposition


We can provide transportation for the transfer of remains as well as a full array of automotive equipment for services, including a hearse, limousine, service vehicle, and limousine. All prices are calculated for local transportation; there is an additional charge for automotive equipment outside of the local area (please ask for complete list of rates).
1. Transfer of remains to funeral home (within 50 mile radius): $250.00
2. Casket Coach (hearse): $300.00
3. Family Car (7 passenger limousine): $300.00/limousine (Option)
4. Escort Vehicle: $75
5. Flower Delivery: $75

Miscellaneous Merchandise

1. Acknowledgement Cards: $50.00
2. Visitors Registry Book: $35.00
3. Memorial Folders/Prayer Cards: $50.00
4. Laminated Bookmarks: $2.50/bookmark after initial 6 bookmarks,
                                                            provided by Swigart-Easterling   Funeral Home
5. DVD Presentation (50 pictures with verse and music - includes setup
                                                 and TWO (2) copies for family): $100.00
6. Ladies' Apparel: starts at $120.00
7. Mens' Suits: starts at $200.00

A complete price list will be provided by the funeral home.
Casket price range $800.00 --- $12,500.00

Outer Burial Container

A complete price list will be provided by the funeral home.
Outer burial containers :  (concrete) $1,000.00 --- $1400.00
                                                         (steel) $2,000.00 --- $2,350.00
Forwarding of Remains to Another Funeral Home
This charge includes local removal of remains, basic services of staff, necessary authorizations, embalming & local transportation (does not include shipping charges or staff for visitation or combination tray) : $1250.00

Receiving of Remains from Another Funeral Home
This charge includes basic services of staff, local transportation to funeral home, and casket coach (local) to cemetery or crematory (does not include visitation and funeral ceremony): $1750.00

Direct Cremations:
    Range $1850.00--8400.00
Our charge for a direct cremation includes local removal, care of remains, transportation to crematory, basic services of staff and authorizations (excluding visitation and crematory charges). If you would like to arrange a direct cremation, you may use an alternative container. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials (with or without an outside covering). The containers we provide are:
1. Direct Cremation with Casket [Triple Corrugated Fiberboard/Cloth Exterior]: $2850.00
2. Direct Cremation with Alternative Container [Cardboard with wood base]: $1850.00
*** Crematory Fee an Additional $260.00

Immediate Burials : Range $2400.00 -- $14900.00
Our charge for an immediate burial (excluding ceremony, visitation, and cemetery charges)
                                       includes  local removal, care of remains, basic services of staff, authorizations,
                                       and casket coach to local area cemetery
1. Immediate Burial with Minimal  Casket [Triple Corrugated Fiberboard/Cloth Exterior]: $3200.00
2. Immediate Burial (container provided by client): $2400.00

Cremation Options
Services of Funeral Home including transportation from place of death to funeral home & from funeral home to crematory; obtaining all necessary permits, authorizations, and certificates (does not include visitation, services, or any preparation):      $1750.00
               ** Minimal Additional Professional Service with cremation by another company:     $750.00
                                            (Calling hours and/or services at Swigart-Easterling Funeral Home -
                                             NOTE: Facilities, Vehicles, staff, etc., additional per general price list).

Funeral services at the funeral home prior to or following cremation (refer to General Price List).
Additional  CREMATORY  CHARGE :   $260.00

Other Merchandise
1.  Minimum Cremation Unit (Triple corrugated fiberboard with wood base): $100.00
2. Rental insert or  Heavy Duty : $200.00
3. Shipping tray for Casketed Remains : $200.00
4. Combo Shipping Unit : $250.00
5. Minimum Unit For GREEN  Service : $700.00

Rental @ $800
Purchase units start @ $1,000.00 --- $12,500.00
Memorial Package       (when using all products**
                      (Register Book, Memorials, Acknowledgement Cards, DVD Presentation): $350.00**


Sheet metal starts at $120.00
Bronze starts at $150.00
Wood starts at $150.00
Marble starts at $250.00

Typical Cash Advances

Health Department (State of Ohio ) Permit Fee: $3.00

Certified Copies of Death Certificate:
                        Begins at $22.00 per certified, depending on department of filing.

Paid Newspaper Notices:  Most newspapers charge for running classified death notices.
                        (Akron, Canton, Massillon, Wooster & Cleveland newspapers charge for obituaries)
                       NOTE -  Funeral Home Website Presentation : NO additional charge

Disposition of Cremated Remains (Should you decide to bury on an existing grave or an empty grave  (most cemeteries have a charge for opening & closing the grave for burial of the cremated remains. Also, some memorial parks require ***urn vaults for burial of cremated remains
and Possibly a SECOND RIGHT  of interment fees.)
                         ***Urn Vaults start at $150.00 and can be purchased through funeral home or cemetery.

Flowers:  Coach House Floral, Canal Fulton, 330-854-4104 
                      and Flowers by Dick & Son, Manchester, 330-882-3266

Honorariums for the Memorial Service (Minister, Organist, Soloist): varies per church requirements
                                                                                                      or family's wishes.

This is a general overview of our pricing and service information, and a complete pricing list is available upon request. We encourage you to contact us should you have any questions about the services that our family can provide to you; we may be reached at (330) 854-2356 or via email at

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